Friday, November 21, 2014

some shows…album release tour...

these are our last shows in 2014 and the first ones in 2015.
"Undoing Defeat" album release and european tour in March 2015!!!
Get in touch if you want to set up a show:

fri 19.12.14 Osnabrück@Bastard Club w/Rollergirls, Fragmentist
sat 20.12.14 Lüneburg@Anna & Arthur w/The Detectors, Stumbling Pins
fri 30.01.15 Hannover@UJZ Korn
sat 31.01.15 Rheine@Trinkhalle w/Duesenjaeger
fri 13.02.15 Braunschweig@Nexus *10 Jahre Nexus Fest*

fri 20.03.15 Hamburg@Hafenklang
sat 21.03.15 Regensburg@Büro
sun 22.03.15 Nürnberg@Projekt 31
mon 23.03.15 need a show!
tue 24.03.15 need a show!
wed 25.03.15 need a show!
thu 26.03.15 need a show!
fri 27.05.15 Basel, CH@Hirscheneck
sat 28.05.15 Köln@AZ w/Wind Und Farben, Edgar R

Friday, September 5, 2014

THE FEST 13 schedule online!!!

Hey FEST PPL, we're playing friday oct 31st, 7:10pm at Boca Fiesta/Palomino. See u there!!

We'll also play a Pre-FEST show on thursday night (oct 31st) at Durty Nellys, with Muncie Girls, Fair Traitor, Eli Whitey And The Sound Machine, Sad And French & Jason Guy Smiley. If you're in the 'ville the night before FEST, visit us!

Monday, September 1, 2014

"Undoing Defeat" album recording sessions up next.

This week, we are going to lock ourselves in the attic at Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg for the first recording session for what is supposed to become our debut full length album. This baby already got a name, its going to be called "undoing defeat", out sometime in early 2015.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

back home. Album next.

Tour with Irish Handcuffs is over. We'll play one more show this summer: Next Sunday in Flensburg, Germany at the Hafermarkt Summerfest. Then, in early september, its time to return to Die Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg to record our debut Album.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

last minute changes in Praha tonight!

yo Praha, our show tonight has been moved to CROSS CLUB so there's one punk rock show instead of two in town on this monday night. we're playing with The Forum Walters and Jake & The Jellyfish, first band 19:30 or something. see u there!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

TOUR starts soon, then: recording LP

Lots of stuff happening at camp NWT soonish! first, TOUR with Irish Handcuffs, after that we're just a couple of rehearsals away from recording our debut LP in early september. Then its time for some more "summer in october". Here's our final tour dates:

fri 01.08.14 Hamburg@Hafenklang/Goldener Salon w/Nightbirds, Irish Handcuffs
sat 02.08.14 Leipzig@Zoro w/Nightbirds, Government Flu, Beyond Pink, Irish Handcuffs
sun 03.08.14 Riesa@Offenes Jugendhaus w/Irish Handcuffs, Tiny Ghosts *matinee show*
mon 04.08.14 Praha, Czech Rep@Café Na Půl Cesty w/Irish Handcuffs
tue 05.08.14 Wien, Österreich@dasBACH w/Irish Handcuffs, New Shit Has Come To Light
wed 06.08.14 Stuttgart@Juha West w/Irish Handcuffs, Talk Us Down
thu 07.08.14 Schaffhausen, Schweiz@N 52 w/Nightbirds, Irish Handcuffs
fri 08.08.14 Mainz@Umkleideraum w/Irish Handcuffs
sat 09.08.14 Bonn@Bla w/Irish Handcuffs